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38 Remove unused functions. michaelg 1876d 13h 42m /src/
37 Working towards menu highlightling. michaelg 1876d 18h 43m /src/
36 Changes for improving load on the X11 process which locks into a framerate. michaelg 1877d 20h 11m /src/
35 Working on the event pipe. michaelg 1884d 13h 08m /src/
34 Pruning much of the code relating to support for other game types. michaelg 1884d 23h 57m /src/
33 Pruning much of the code relating to support for other game types. michaelg 1884d 23h 59m /src/
32 Removing ununsed variables and fixed map allocations in the main module. michaelg 1887d 00h 00m /src/
31 Adding some mouse support; disabled clipping and much more of the visuals show up; more grpahics support. michaelg 1887d 11h 51m /src/
30 Further rendering improvements; introduced the CP concept; fixed color palette look-up. michaelg 1887d 15h 49m /src/
29 Continuing development of the renderder. michaelg 1887d 18h 36m /src/
28 Updates to the renderer. michaelg 1888d 11h 59m /src/
27 Added the code for the original DMapEdit code drop; begin implementation for mouse support; putimage and getimage implementation. michaelg 1888d 18h 31m /src/
26 Got Skia up a runnning; removed GRX libraries. michaelg 1889d 12h 02m /src/
22 Moving global symbols around, and compiling errors with g++. michaelg 1890d 18h 34m /src/
21 Reorganizing files, converting build and source code to C++ for Skia. michaelg 1891d 12h 14m /src/
20 Fixed the warnings and added the stub functions to the bridge. michaelg 1891d 19h 34m /src/
18 Finished analysis of the porting effort. michaelg 1892d 22h 30m /src/
17 Added the Borland BGI documentation for reference. michaelg 1893d 02h 19m /src/
15 Reorganizing for SDK injection. michaelg 1893d 20h 11m /src/
14 Improved the scaling with a custom scaling algorithm; better navigation through keys. michaelg 1894d 18h 42m /src/

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